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tv   ABC 13 News at 11  ABC  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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water woes. and some families are waiting to get their power back on. and confessions of a criminal. >> [indiscernible] >> mark: fighting crime with the help of criminals. >> mark: right now a live look at lynchburg with our tower camera. we're looking ahead to a much quieter weather week, but we're also tracking the latest for you tonight. chief meteorologist george flickinger joins us first thing. and george, almost quiet, but we've got some activity on the second degree. >> george: we have light rain and snow flurries. no accumulation or travel problems with this. . it's possible in lynchburg that you may get some brief, light rain, some small showers
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the bulk of this is going to stay towards southside. there's a little rain in nelson county. and in marian, wythe, grayson county, this is going to track to the east. and pittsylvania county, it's mainly going to come down as rain. and if you see the snow, it is not going to stick. as the temperatures are above freezing. by tomorrow morning, temperatures aren't going to be that much colder than where breeze. but i don't think that we'll have to worry about substantial icing on the roads. that usually occurs when temperatures are in the 20s. we'll be 30 degrees by morning. >> mark: thank you. today's temperatures are a lot warmer than yesterday, but that created a mess for some. marissa para is in the newsroom with the story of a woman who's dealing with a big
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yesterday is just about gone in many spots. but melting snow can become a major problem for some people. >> they're giving me the run about. tired. she says in her house when it rains or snows, it pours. >> it looked like a river. her home was taken over by the melting snow. >> there was a pipe and it was running over for quite a while. >> reporter: and she says she took action. >> i called them and spoke to the highway department. >> reporter: and this isn't a new problem, she says. >> and they were like, okay, we see you have a ticket in. and i said this is an ongoing problem for almost two years. >> reporter: vdot confirms that she submitted a complaint on september 29, 2015. according to the website, it
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rose says the flooding shows otherwise. >> it is february now. and now look, the problem is even worse. it's not fair. i pay taxes here. >> reporter: she says she doesn't want anything other than the issue to be resolved. >> every time i call, they tell me that. they give me a work number and say i promise i'm going to look into this. i hope they will this time. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the virginia department of the transportation says that they are aware of the situation and that they'll be looking it into week. live in lynchburg. marissa para, abc-13 news. >> mark: a lot of the area is experiencing power outages stemming from the freezing rain. power crews are working to restore power. and this is a look at the
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bedford county has about 500 outages as well. henry county, about 250. you can get the latest on the forecast tonight, plus what you can expect when you head out on the roads at and go like our facebook fan page where we're posting updates as we get them. new tonight, an accident between a car and a tractor-trailer sent a driver to the county. police responded to the intersection of amberlin drive. the driver was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the police don't know if there's alcohol or drugs involved. and of course there are no charges.
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weight of melting snow and washed onto ward's road. if you're driving that way, expect your car to get a little messy. as soon as we know more, you will too. a small scare tonight at a nursing home in lynchburg. fire captain matt millner says that an hvac system smoked. crews gave the all-clear not long after. >> medical experts are in washington d.c. to help curb the zika virus. spread. the conference brings together some of the best minds on zika. with people returning to the u.s. and bringing the virus with them, officials are
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yale researchers noted that zika was unknown a year ago. and only then did they suspect it was serious for pregnant women. >> and then the women who we believe were exposed early in 2015 now are giving birth to these babies with birth defects. >> reporter: so a year ago that wasn't happening? >> right. >> mark: researchers say they have seen babies where the virus is detectible, but they don't know if all 4,000 are due to the virus. >> reporter: a measure would allow homeowners to rent out all or part of their homes
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opponents say it would usurp power from the government. >> the virginia bicycling federation says helmets can keep riders safe, but counterproductive. under existing law, any city! er or town in virginia can adopt a law to require any rider 14 and under to wear helmets. >> the constitution is pretty clear about what is supposed to happen now. >> mark: the president faces a republican-led senate with
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. >> mark: president obama declared that republicans have no constitutional grounds to refuse the vote on a supreme court nominee. >> when there is a vacancy on the supreme court, the president of the united states is to is to nominate someone. the senate is to consider that nomination. and either they disapprove of that nominee or that nominee is elevated to the supreme court. historically, this has not
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>> mark: the president also said he intended to do his job between now and january 20, 2017. he tells reporters he expects senators to do their jobs as well. since justice antonin scalia's unexpected death at a ranch in texas on saturday, white house lawyers and advisors have been scrambling to get potential candidates. a new cnn/orc poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton holding big leads. trump is holding with 38% and clinton is 13 points ahead of bernie sanders. voters have only a few more days to make up their minds. today on the campaign trail,
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african-american voters. >> you can't just show up at election time and say the right thing. >> as president, you can talk a good game. every word is listened to. if you don't have a military to back it up, it's dangerous. >> mark: they threw grenades at each other. the biggest bomb may have been fanning the flames of conspiracy theorists about suggesting that justice scalia may have been the victim of foul play. in paris tonight, a concert comeback. >> let's take a moment to remember. >> mark: the american band playing the night of the horrific horrific terror attacks came back to play.
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returned to the stage. survivors of the attack were given free tickets and therapists were on hand in
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chief meteorologist >> george: many of you enjoyed the sunshine today. the beautiful weather after the snow yesterday, and the rain this morning. and sent in pictures like these. kevin canada, the contrast of the snow, the road, and the blue sky. that is from the lake vista area. and this picture is going to show you the mountains. and you can see the snow cover there. this picture in from amherst county by sharon. for this evening, we're going to draw a line here from
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lynchburg over appomattox and farmville. if you live near or south of that, you could get light rain. you may even see a few snow flurries tonight. we're not expecting anything measurable. in the mountains, there's more snow and it's colder in that direction. web county, marion, grayson county, hillsville, and martinsville, most of this snow is generally staying to the west of martinsville. southside, danville, charlotte county, pittsylvania county, mainly light rain. the bulk of the rain is going to stay in the carolina. we've had some snow flurries reported in nelson county, we're going to stay above freezing until nearly tomorrow morning. 37 right now with no wind chill. martinsville 33. 36 in blacksburg. roanoke at 39. upper 30s in southside.
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midnight. and the bulk of this precip staying to the south of lynchburg. if you were driving south at 4:30 a.m., there'll be areas of rain and a few snow flurries that direction. at 8:00 a.m. on your wednesday, we're going to be dry. and we're going to stay dry tomorrow. we'll have a few clouds around, but the rain is moving out very early tomorrow. so it will be a dry day for your wednesday. the temperatures are not going to stay below freezing very long. we're only going to be near 30, 32 in the morning. i don't think we're going to see any significant refreezing. you have to get down to the 20s before you see reicing. and by 9:00 a.m., all of us will be above freezing. mid-40s at lunchtime. highs in the upper 40s. we'll have a west breeze and
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in the evening. tomorrow, i have made some changes since earlier. i raised a few temperatures and lowered a few others. blacksburg 41. smith mountain lake, 49. and 53 towards south boston. you're weekend, you're looking good. highs in the 60s for saturday and sunday. and then for next week, we'll watch monday and tuesday. snow will be possible on tuesday. stay tuned. >> mark: next, confessions from a criminal. >> i don't know if this is going to scare people more than it's going to help them,
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aware that you can't trust >> mark: convicted criminals are telling all and exposing
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our sister station got access to dozen of the thieves committing crimes. >> the first things i would grab is valuables like tvs, jewelry. >> you want to get in and out. you don't want to mess around. >> reporter: criminals, spilling their secrets. >> i don't care who you are or how much you had to pay to get that, because i was going to take it. >> reporter: convicted burglars and thieves doing time, now opening up to abc six. >> reporter: any help or advice you can pass on to homeowners or businesses? abc six is fighting back, asking them to fill out this survey we wrote. maria started busting into homes with friends when she
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>> it was more easier because a lot of times it was older people. or people that got jobs, real good jobs. >> reporter: cash, drugs, television are what tops these thieves' wish list. >> you might get $175, depending on the tv. >> reporter: how many of you broke into houses to get drugs? and almost everyone who took our survey admitted they were high on drugs like alcohol, xanax or crack when they committed the crimes. >> i figured i can't keep asking my family for money. >> reporter: these recovering addicts on your side, turning the tables on themselves. >> lock every window and door. leave the lights on and tvs on.
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cameras, and a security system. >> if you hear the dogs barking, you think twice about it. >> reporter: so what would you do when you saw a dog? >> me, i'm fitting the run. >> when there's a dog, you end up getting bit, there's a blood trail. and that's automatic d.n.a. >> reporter: many of these break-ins are not random. thieves told us how they would follow people for weeks before making a move. >> i went in when they were not there. i knew where that person happened to be at that time of day. >> it was nothing to into this business and say is this person working today and what time will they be off? >> reporter: and this is why they're telling all to make sure that you're not some crook's victim. >> you have to watch your
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>> i think people should be aware that you can't trust everybody. >> mark: thieves were asked if they used social media sites to target potential homes from break-ins. none of them said they used it. >> reporter: we'll hear from daytona champ jimmy two coneys or two burgers, and two tots and two drinks. -yeah. -it's like i'm seeing double. speaking of double. look. (yells) you guys wanna hang out sometime? oh, man. i think i nailed it. now two can eat for $9.99 all month long.
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these lil' chickies and lil' doggies are small, -but they're intense. -yeah. -it's like my niece, hannah. -and you, uh, take karate? show him how intense you are. -yah! yah! ah! -(karate sounds) hey! now finish him. big flavor in a little package. new lil' chickies and lil' doggies. -(click) >> reporter: hi there, everyone. today was media day at daytona with the dual qualifiers. and jimmy johnson teammate chase elliott is replacing jeff gordon. >> i haven't had full competition against the 24 without jeff and the departure of these meetings, i haven't
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and i know chase is going to be an asset to our company. >> reporter: the lynchburg hornets lacrosse team opens its 2016 season tomorrow. >> reporter: it was a historic 2015 season for the lynchburg college lacrosse team. an o.d.a.c. championship and a championship in philadelphia. and it's a run the 17 seniors on the squad want to make again. >> i think that everyone is just that much more motivated. it's high intensity. >> that's kind of been our goal here from day one this year. how can we get better? >> reporter: in 2015, the hornets wasted very few opportunities. after a 2 and 2 start, squad won 19 games in a row. stewart set a record. and murphy led the o.d.a.c.
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the players say they're focused on what's in front of them. >> [indiscernible] every kid always dreams of that. >> and we set our own expectations. we've had a certain expectation that we've wanted to really play to. and we get 17 games to do that. >> reporter: thank you, dave. randolph college has adjusted some basketball games. the men's game against emory and henry is tomorrow night at 7:00. and the women's game is now thursday at 7:00. and the appomattox raiders linebacker and tight end marquise morgan signed with charleston.
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elijah sea of stanson river will be competing for a title. and christian kennedy of appomattox. u.v.a. pitcher connor jones and catcher matt byes have
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>> mark: all right. looking at our hump day forecast. >> george: yes, sir. when you wake up tomorrow morning, i don't think we'll have to worry about significant icing on the roads. it's simply not cold enough. even if you see some snow tonight, don't think it's going to stick. when you wake up tomorrow morning, all that rain is going to be out of here. at most, maybe a few slick spots briefly near freezing.
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- gwen stefani. secretary of state john kerry. and guillermo at the 2016 grammy awards. with cleto and the cletones. and now, step aside, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. [ cheers and applause ] i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for coming. thank you for watching at home. i appreciate your coming. that's very kind. [ cheers and applause ] it's very quiet in l.a. on the night after the grammy awards.


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